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N-EF 8 „Dynamic“

N-EF 8 „Dynamic“ N-EF 8 „Dynamic“ N-EF 8 „Dynamic“
  • Head is similar in construction to that of the N-EF 2, but heavier and rounder
  • Therefore more amount of bass
  • Flanks curve slightly to prevent them from being bent or becoming uneven
  • Flanks have slightly smooth edges to avoid damaging the skin of your bodhrán
  • Very fine, yet clear and defined click
  • Tapered shape makes the tipper effortless to hold
  • Diameter: 13/12 mm
  • Length: 24 cm
  • Weight: approx. 18 g

Basically, the tipper head is similar in construction to the N-EF-2 model except the head contains more material and tails off in an arch.
This results in more presence and an earthier click, producing an overall rounded tone and offers deeper bass than the N-EF-2 model.
While the N-EF-2 'HiHat' as the name suggests, is designed primarily to give an even, decent click (similar to the sound produced by HiHats), the N-EF-8 model focuses more on creating a more dynamic sound. Therefore, this tipper is ideally suited for soft playing (very little click) as well as for powerful, dynamic playing. Very little exertion is required to extract  a very loud tone from the drum.
How does this function? The relatively large playing area of the tipper, combined with the unique individual sound of the flanks ensures a full rounded tone and stimulates a variety of natural vibrations. Due to its light design, the  tipper can be used with little or no exertion.
The grip is designed in such a way to enable all playing styles and tipper holders to play very comfortably.
Players who like using the SW3 model will really enjoy playing with the N-EF 8 model.


Price: 45.00 EUR (Netto:37.82 EUR)
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
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Please note

"Will the clicking flanks break?"

All the split tippers are produced to the best of my knowledge and belief and are tested thoroughly. I spent a lot of thought on selecting the materials before I decided those final designs were ready for serial production. Nevertheless, the tippers will not have an indefinite lifetime. The lifetime depends on how the tipper is treated. So here are a few pointers:

Both the N-EF 1 and the N-EF 2 come with a protection sleeve, which is supposed to make the flanks nearly impossible to break. However, I have seen "impossible" things happen before, so I ask you to think of the tippers as delicate musical instruments, and to play, transport and store them with the necessary respect and care.

All these tippers come with wonderful skills and sound capabilities. Those are only possible because the tippers have a certain amount of flexibility and hence fragility. For that reason, I cannot provide a lifetime guarantee. Please remember that, for example, guitar strings or the hair of a fiddle bow do not have an indefinite lifetime either, and need to be replaced from time to time. Nevertheless, I guarantee that the wonderful qualities of those tippers will make them indispensable to creative bodhrán playing.

And now: Have fun with these exciting special tippers!

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