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I make sure that I get the most out of my materials and use them properly in the established traditions of my craft.

Ebony, rosewood and snakewood have practically always been used in building instruments (for fingerboards, tuning pegs, violin bows etc.), and using them to such a limited extent for this specific purpose has most certainly never caused any ecological harm. Also, the macassar I use consists solely of offcuts - residual material accruing from veneer production.


Macassar "Ebony"

Macassar is one of the hardest, heaviest and costliest types of wood in the world. The unique qualities of this special wood make macassar a perfect material for the production of tippers. These high-quality tippers are supplied with a natural wax finish. Please note: Macassar is not ebony, but is often referred to as “macassar ebony” because it looks very similar. Real ebony, however, does not have the nice lighter strips which can be seen on macassar. Another difference is the price: while macassar costs about EUR 22,000 per m³, real ebony is about EUR 30,000 per m³.



Snakewood is one of the most expensive and valuable woods in the world. It´s a very hard and heavy wood, perfect for tippers - and so beautiful! The technical qualities of this wood are really perfect especially for "long and slender" tippers. If you have ever worked with snakewood, you’ll know how hard it is to obtain this rare wood in high quality. I was extremely happy to find a resource of snakewood in the best quality. I guarantee snakewood tippers in the highest quality. This means an even surface, no cracks or splits, and a beautiful, consistent "snaky" pattern all over the tipper. All tippers receive a natural wax finish to bring out the full beauty of this wonderful wood. I am very proud and happy to offer the following snakewood tippers in brilliant quality - an optical delight and a pleasure to the ear.



Zebrano is a solid, but not too heavy type of wood that is characterised by its beautiful, very expressive grain. Its ideal combination of weight and hardness makes zebrano particularly suitable for classic tippers for “Kerry style” players. The even distribution of weight also make this a perfect and comfortable wood for beginners. For the production of these tippers, I use scrap wood from furniture production, which would otherwise be conveyed to thermal recycling. I do this to support my own efforts to make my production as sustainable and environmentally responsible as possible.

Olive Wood

Olive Wood

Olive wood is the hardest, heaviest and most expensive wood in Europe. It can be found in all countries of the Mediterranean region. Incidentally, it also happens to be one of the most beautiful woods in the world. Its warm shades of colour and uniquely marbled grain patterns underline its high quality through natural beauty. Thanks to its high density and the fact that it can be sustainably sourced, this valuable wood is ideally suited for making tippers of the highest quality.

The surface of my tippers is treated with natural oil and canaubawax. The wax stays elastic and over time develops more and more of its natural gloss. I deliberately do without varnish, which may become dull and brittle with use.

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