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Rolf Wagels


Rolf has been playing the bodhrán since 1993 and is considered one of the most renowned bodhrán players in Europe. He has been giving workshops all over Germany since 1996, was a member of Germany's leading Irish Folk band "Cara" and a founding member of "Steampacket" and "DeReelium". In Germany and Ireland he played as a guest or studio musician with many of the greats of Irish Folk. Since 2005 he is the first "foreign" bodhrán teacher at the biggest bodhrán summer school "Craiceann" on the Aran Islands in Ireland. In 2008 I got to know Rolf personally and we started an ever closer collaboration. With Rolf's wealth of experience and ideas we developed several Signature Line tippers. At the same time Rolf built up his own online store, which is now one of the largest in the field of bodhrán, tipper and accessories.




Rwe Grip

Rwe Grip

"All RWE-Grip Hotrods have the MoGrip shape, but are additionally covered with a red shrink sleeve. This has worked very well in my hands, even in very fast playing situations. On the RWE-Power, the red shrink tubing is incorporated into the grip and blends seamlessly into the wood! The RWE-Grip allows for a slightly looser grip, as nothing slips and allows for relaxed playing."


jazzmo rwe

MOgrip handle part made of yew wood, JazzMo head out of 2 mm walnut rods

Rockmo rwe

MOgrip handle part made of yew wood, RockMo head out of 5 mm walnut rods

slapmo rwe

Mogrip handle part made of yew wood, MONster head out of 3 mm bamboo rods

rwe power

Snakewood with drop head and integradted handle made of shrink wrap


 All tippers from the RWEgrip series are available exclusively from Rolf Wagels!




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