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Dear customers in the UK, please note: Due to the new tax regulations in the UK after brexit the minimum order price for orders to the UK is 150€. If you want to understand why, please follow this link. All orders above 150€ are shipped without German VAT, so the price marked as "netto" is the relevant price for UK orders. Orders to Northern Ireland are not affected.
NEW!!! All tippers and items from my shop can now be ordered, without any tax problems, via my new U.K. reseller Blackwell Original Drums!


FeltMo FeltMo FeltMo
  • Beautiful olive wood from the Mediterranean
  • Felt ball (15 mm diameter) attached to the end of the tipper
  • Warm, velvety sound with reduced attack
  • Nice full sound with a good amount of bass
  • Well-suited for melodious playing
  • Great for “baby grip” as well as “traditional grip” playing styles
  • Length: 26 cm
  • Weight: approx. 20 g
Price: 46.00 EUR (Netto:38.66 EUR)
Incl. 19 % TAX plus shipping
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Please note

"Will the bristles break?"
"Will the plastic bristles bend by and by?"
"Will the bristles drop out?"

All these tippers come with wonderful skills and sound capabilities. Those are only possible because the tippers have a certain amount of flexibility and hence fragility. For that reason, I cannot provide a lifetime guarantee. Please remember that, for example, guitar strings or the hair of a fiddle bow do not have an indefinite lifetime either, and need to be replaced from time to time. Nevertheless, I guarantee that the wonderful qualities of those tippers will make them indispensable to creative bodhrán playing.

The N-EF 4 is equipped with extremely hard-wearing, natural plant fibres. Protecting them from direct UV radiation (basically, don't leave your tipper for days on your window sill…) will extend their lifetime immensely! Also, a few drops of good olive oil carefully applied to the bristles will keep the bristles flexible for a very long time.

The N-EF 3 and N-EF 4 may lose a bristle or two in the beginning. This is absolutely normal and there’s no need for concern. The bristles are care-fully glued in place by hand, but it can easily happen that a small number of "runaways" will not attach themselves to the glue...

All plastic bristles can be easily straightened again, in case they become "single-sided" after a while.

And now: Have fun with these exciting special tippers!

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